Nextjob is a nationwide company that focuses on full employment in America. Students have access to a free account using the link below to access resume modules and tips, 面试技巧, information about finding hidden jobs, 人格评估, 以及求职工具. This platform helps enhance the resources that are provided by the Office of 职业服务 by being available to you 24/7. You can use this platform at your convenience and in conjunction with assistance from the Office of 职业服务.

NextJob has multiple tools and features that will help prepare 学生 for the job market including:

  • 人格评估
  • 采访工具
  • 求职目标工具
  • 指导简历制作
  • 招聘信息
  • 专家视频

To register at NextJob, click 在这里.